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Silhouette is the most eastern from the Inner Islands. Despite only 20 km separates Silhouette from Mahé it was never exploited like the other islands, and this thanks to its mountainous character, and its protection by a coral reef.

Silhouette is the third island in surface, the second in height, and the fourth in population. It is 6 km long and 4km wide, its highest point le Mont Dauban is more than 740 meters above sea level, it covers 16.000 ha, and for the moment 135 people live on it. There is an other peak from more than 600 meters, the Mont Pot à Eau 621 m., and 3 from 500 meters, Mont Gratte Fesse 515m., Mont Corgat 502 m., and Mont Cocos Marrons 500 m. In fact Silhouette is one big oval mountain, with on each long side a flat sandy area; on the East side, La Passe 2 km long and varying from 80 to 150 meters wide, and West, Grande Barbe 1,5 km long and between 120 and 300 meters wide. These two sides are protected by a coral reef. The island is covered by lush vegetation, and most of the Seychelles endemic plants occur on Silhouette…