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beach in front 2.jpg (71397 bytes) This is the beach in front of Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles, between the harbour and Pointe Ramasse Tout. The hut in the lagoon are the remains from the shooting of a Spanish "survival" television program.
view La passe.jpg (112117 bytes) A nice view on La Passe from the trail to the beaches Anse Lascars and Anse Patat.
lascars north south.cor1.jpg (59062 bytes) The South coast with Anse Lascars North and Anse Lascars South in the distance. On the foreground  the soil is from volcanic origin, these are the only remains from volcanic activities in the Seychelles.
sil. anse lascar2.jpg (73095 bytes) Anse Lascars North
Isl. North from Cemetry.cor1.jpg (52492 bytes) Pointe Ramasse Tout  with the Cemetery . In the distance North Island.
A.Cemetiere.jpg (65285 bytes)






Anse Ramasse Tout sea.jpg (47732 bytes)


The small deserted beach from Anse Cimetière






Anse Cimetière seen from the sea

Anse Cimetiere.jpg (85286 bytes)





Anse Patat2.jpg (98783 bytes) Anse Patat
Rainy beach.jpg (37989 bytes) Rainy beach
agnes A. Cipaille.jpg (41298 bytes)



Picture Dr. Ralph Budzinski

Anse Cipaille is the beach north of La Passe.




Anse-Cipaille-air.jpg (74772 bytes)  

Anse Cipaille from the air.

Anse Cipaille.jpg (59104 bytes) Anse Cipaille
anse grande barbe.jpg (55607 bytes) Anse Grand Barbe, with the Mont Dauban in the background.