Jardin Marron
Mont Gratte Fesse
Anse Patat
Anse Mondon
Grand Barbe

Nature Walks

Guy Van Heygen 2003


Nature Walks

If you decide for a walk in the mountains of Silhouette, always leave very early in the morning, immediately after breakfast, and for some hikes, like to the Mont Pot a Eau or to Grand Barbe even earlier, because it is always very warm, and there is no wind in the forest, but fortunately you walk in the shadow all the time. But the most important is; Always take enough water with you. Do not drink the water from the small rivers or pools, you never know, there are still rats in the forest. Just use it to refresh yourself. With rainy weather it is advisable to wear good walking-shoes, certainly for hikes higher than Jardin Maron.