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Anse Lascars
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Guy Van Heygen 2003


Anse Lascars  
lascars house.jpg (128902 bytes)
The remains of  a house at Anse Lascars.
At the end of the 19th and till the mid 20th century there was an important community in the south, at Anse Lascars. There were more than 20  houses and more than 80 people lived here. The remains can still be seen along the trail between Anse Lascars and Anse Patate. The last  lady to live here was ... she left Lascars in 1986 after the death of her husband.  Anse Lascars was probably the plot assigned to Auguste Dauban in the mid 19 hundreds. Seen it was beside La Passe the first settlement on Silhouette, the graves found on the beach at Anse Lascars South are probably from one of the first settlers.

Cyril the cook from the guesthouse  putting his fish-trap at Anse Lascars